Your smartphone like a precious jewel

We present to our clients a unique collection, designed for those with sophisticated tastes, variety of elegant styles and permanent quality for good functioning and aesthetic care.




Amady Luxury designs the best finishes inlaid with gold, rose gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and swarozki stones, inspired by the high range of iphone xs max cell phones. We present our clients with a unique collection, a variety of elegant styles and a permanent quality for good functioning and aesthetic care. Each of the words is unmatched.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a precious metal of the most precious that exist, we have a much sweeter character, which makes it special, an option with a striking and different aspect just for your personality.


The ruby ​​is a precious stone that appears in nature in different sizes and shapes, so it offers a great possibility when it comes to being carved. Take your beauty and hardness.


Diamonds are one of the most luxurious and exclusive gemstones out there. It is a stone that is considered indestructible and that has impressive formations and a shine without equal. Wear it as part of your style.


Swarovski crystals can be presented in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are excellent diamond simulators, and are characterized by their brightness and brilliance. Keep a glamorous touch.